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As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another

Proverbs 27:17

Christian Brothers High School has transformed the lives of Memphis-area boys and prepared them for life for nearly 150 years.

Give Back Home represents the final phase of a $30 million capital campaign including alumni, parents and friends of CBHS.

To continue to impact current and future generations of Brothers Boys, we must offer innovated programs and facilities necessary to attract and serve those students. That’s why your participation is critical to our Give Back Home capital campaign, the largest in school history, in order to provide lasting benefits to our students, as well as the CBHS community.

Christian Brothers High School

Before 1996, every CBHS football game was an away game.

But thanks to generous donations from alumni like you, we have Tom Nix Stadium and a home field advantage for our Brothers’ Boys.

Today, our athletics program is more than 600 students strong and has grown to offer nearly 20 different sports.

When you give back home to Christian Brothers, you give all these athletes a dedicated home and ensure the CBHS legacy of excellence on the field for the next 150 years.

Christian Brothers High School

Hear legendary coach Tom Nix talk about the athletic education Brothers’ Boys receive at CBHS

For nearly 150 years, The Christian Brothers of Memphis have provided boys with a rich education in the liberal arts.

But today, the rapidly emerging markets driven by Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine demand new curriculum and facilities to equip our students with the tools necessary to be leaders.

As a Lasallian institution, we have dedicated ourselves to the mission of preparing young men to live successful and ethical lives. Over 350 students are currently enrolled in our STEMM elective offerings in engineering, biomedical science, and computer programming, and we need your help to give our Brothers’ Boys even more options in the years to come.

When you give back home, you are giving to educate and develop critically thinking leaders of tomorrow and the promise of CBHS leading the way in these key areas of study.

Christian Brothers High School

Hear CBHS Principal Chris Fay talk about the benefits of a well-rounded STEMM education

Faith is inextricably linked to the Christian Brothers experience.

It touches every part of a Brothers’ Boy journey through his four years, instilling in him the Lasallian values on which we were founded. These tenets of quality education, respect, inclusivity, concern for your fellow man, and faith in the presence of God are lived every day in our hallways and in our classrooms.

When you give back home to Christian Brothers, it is not only a demonstration of faith— it is a physical testament to the values fostered in you during your time at CBHS.

Christian Brothers High School

The arts at CBHS serve a much larger purpose than simply culturing our students— they offer unique opportunities for expression and build lifetime bonds of brotherhood.

Our historic CBHS band is now in its 144th year with over 80 students participating and has provided a singular place for those Brothers’ Boys seeking challenge, commitment, and a way to showcase CBHS pride off the field. Outside the band room, our theater and visual arts departments enrich the lives of our boys every day, building the confidence and creativity that a full spectrum education demands.

When you give back home to the arts at Christian Brothers, you are giving future generations of Brothers’ Boys a chance to cultivate their talents and mindsets, setting the stage for the leaders they will become.

Christian Brothers High School

Hear David Cook '69 share the life-changing value of the arts at CBHS

Brotherhood is the core of the Christian Brothers experience.

It is this common fraternity that binds Brothers’ Boys together for life, no matter how many years have passed, no matter how different the life path, or how great the age divide. It is what propels our students to personal greatness, yet grounds them in compassion for their fellow man. These bonds forged at CBHS are rarely surpassed and never broken.

When you give back home to Christian Brothers, you are giving future students the most valuable and unique gift our school can offer: true brotherhood.

Christian Brothers High School

Watch as Eddie Klank ’85 explains how the brotherhood at CBHS stays with him today

Today, nearly 70% of CBHS students are enrolled in business courses, a number that clearly demonstrates the need and desire of our boys to learn practical business skills to prepare them for college and beyond.

Thanks to a generous gift from alumnus Bill Marr (’64), we’ve recently welcomed the addition of the Bill & Carol Marr Department of Business and Economics, a program that will not only expand our current business curriculum, but will kickstart the establishment of an alumni advisory council and national career mentoring program. Now, we need your help to build on this gift, through both your time and donations.

When you give back home to business, you’re preparing Brothers’ Boys to join the ranks of notable CBHS leaders in business around the globe, and right here at home.

Christian Brothers High School

Capital Campaign 2016

Give Back Home

$11,300,000 left of $29,300,000 Goal

The Brother Joel William McGraw, FSC, Endowment Fund
$1.5 Million Complete
McEniry Hall
$2 Million Complete
Heffernan Hall Renovations
$1 Million Complete
Brothers Development Center
$10 Million Complete
LaSalle Hall
$2.5 Million $1 Million
Stephen Hall Advancement Office
$1 Million Complete
McCourtney Hall Counseling Office
$1 Million Complete
Fieldhouse & Surrounding Facilities
$10.3 Million $10.3 Million

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